Kokapüksid SKINNY REG BLACK Vaata pilti



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Suurused 28"-42"

The triangle is an indication for a bleaching process. A white triangle means any bleaching agent allowed.The circle gives information on the possibility of professional dry or wet cleaning. The letters within the circle specify the solvents that can be used. The P is used for Professional dry cleaning in tetrachloroethene.This symbol specifies information on the possibility of domestic drying. The circle inside the square specifies the drying in a domestic tumble dryer. The dots within the circle in the square specify the temperature setting during drying. 1 dot: low temperature of 60 °C, 2 dots: normal temperature exhaust temperature max. 80 °C.This symbol gives information about the possibility and the kind of a domestic washing process by machine or by hand. The ciphers in the washing tub specify the maximum temperature in C, which must not be exceeded.This symbol specifies ironing or pressing. The dots within it give the maximum ironing or pressing temperatures. 1 dot: Maximum temperature of 110 °C. Steam iron may cause irreversible damage. 2 dots: Maximum temperature of 150 °C. 3 dots: Maximum temperature of 200 °C.

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60,95 € km-ga

Materjal 40% puuvill / 30% polüester / 30% elastomultiester
Stiil Slim fit
Grammkaal - g /m2 205g/m2

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